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A good CV can help you find a good role. But a great CV can promise  4x more interview calls ,
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Finding a new job can be quite a hassle, especially if you have recently graduated. In fact, switching to a new workplace can be tough even for the most competent individuals because the competition in the market is always high. Everyone is looking for a job these days, especially due to the layoffs during the pandemic. So how can you make the cut? The answer is simple! A great CV!

Whether you want to switch to a new workplace or are looking for an internship, our CV writing service can help you get your dream job.

With our high turnaround time, you can get a top-notch CV within a few days or even hours, so you don't miss out on opportunities! And using a nuanced approach, we make sure that the CV highlights all of your strengths and skills in a proper manner.

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It's not easy for everyone to get their CVs made from CV companies. Especially for freshers or students, the price of a CV writing service might be too high. This is why at CV maker Dubai, we ensure everyone can afford our CV building services, regardless of how much they earn. Our certified professional resume writers provide the most competent services from Dubai to Sharjah, helping hundreds of employees get the jobs they want.

After all, hiring support should not have a hefty price tag!

There is nothing more imperative for us than customer satisfaction! We make sure that our CV writing service offers a positive ROI and helps you stand out from the crowd. Whether you have a question regarding our services or want to get a revision, you can always count on us.

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Be it Sharjah, Dubai, or Abu Dhabi, our professional CV makers have helped hundreds of
individuals all across UAE with their professional growth.

What Makes our Professional CV Writers The Best?

It takes a great CV to step in the interview with great confidence! Whether you are looking for an entry-level internship or entering the field again after a career break, a great CV can keep you under the radar of potential employers. After all, a CV is just not a piece of document. Our professional CV makers use the right mix of vocabulary and tone to amplify your career game.

At CV Maker Dubai, you can get a unique CV that is completely personalized for you. We don't pick up templates from the internet and churn the same content for everyone! We also discuss the details with our clients before working on the CVs, so we can understand what exactly our customers want from their CVs.

What makes our CV writing service further unique is that we have professional CV makers who belong to various fields, such as marketing, management, HR, and operations? In this way, they understand what employers from different fields look like. After all, a medical CV is far different from a CV of a graphic designer. Our CV makers in UAE know how to create a perfect CV according to the employer's requirements and expectations.

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  • Premium Themes
  • Free CoverLetter
  • Free Consultations
  • Unlimited Revisions
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  • Fully ATS Optimised CV
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  • Direct Contact With Your Writer Through Our Messaging System

Linkedin profile

250 aed

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  • Customized Bio For Your LinkedIn Profile
  • 5 Headline Options
  • 4 Job Descriptions
  • 50 Skills to Be Added (If Needed)
  • 100% Satisfaction guaranteed
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All in one

550 aed

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  • Premium CV / Resume Template
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  • LinkedIn Profile Content - All Section
  • ASCCII (Plain Text) Format
  • Applicant Tracking System - Friendly Version
  • Interview Thank you Note
  • Career Insights Survey
  • Career Research
  • Keywords Optimization
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • MS Word & PDF Fille
  • Direct Contact With Your Writer
  • 5 - 7 Working Days
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Making a CV can be a very tough job. How can you summarize your work experience in one page? How can you quantify your work experience and showcase your skills in a proficient manner? Our CV writers know what it takes to create a job-winning, killer resume without any hassle.

Before starting on the CV, we sit down with our customers to understand what they want in the CV. We send them a form to collect all the needed information and identify the kind of jobs they are looking for. We also curate creative CV templates, so our clients can select the ones they like. Once we have everything we are looking for, our competent CV writers create a result-driven document in a timely manner.

CV Maker Dubai is also 24/7 available for revisions. Our editors prioritize customer satisfaction over everything and we make sure our customers are completely satisfied with our CV making services. In other words, you won't find a better service elsewhere.

Our CV writing services speak for themselves!

Here's What Our Customers Have to Say about us!

It Takes 10 Seconds for an Employer to Reject a CV!

That's right! An employer can either accept or reject your CV in just 10 seconds. After all, employers receive a lot of CVs for a single job opportunity. They don't have time to go through every single piece of document in detail. This is why our CV writers in Dubai make sure to attract employers in a single glance with a professionally written, quality-driven CV.

You Can Get Free Revisions As Well!

Since customer satisfaction forms the backbone of our services, we make sure to create high-quality CVs. However, if you think there's something missing in the CV or a sentence should be changed we can help. We offer free revisions on every order, so you won't have to break your bank to get your CVs fixed.

Right on Time Always!

We know employers receive hundreds of applications just within a day of posting a CV, especially if it is a prominent company. Accordingly, we make sure to complete the work in a short turnaround, so you can apply to your preferred opportunities before anyone else! In case of unexpected delays, we keep our customers in the loop, so they can plan accordingly!

A 3x Interview Guarantee!

You might have a CV already. But it might not get you the calls you desire. Our professional CV writers in Abu Dhabi curate perfect CVs that promise 3x more interview calls. In other words, with our support, you will stand out in the talent pool and make it big before others!


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Then, all you need to do is just wait until our experts churn the CV and send it to you. We will make sure to send you the CV within the allocated deadline.


Confused? Tired? Unsure? We can help!

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How much does writing a CV cost?

You won't have to burn your budget to get a CV writing service from CV Maker Dubai. We have curated a number of plans according to our client's needs. We can also create a customized pricing plan for you.

Is it worth paying for CV writing?

Consider CV writing service as a career investment. A good CV can help you find an average job. But a great CV can get you a better job with a higher salary and benefits. Accordingly, your one time investment can amplify your career growth.

Where can I make my CV in Dubai?

CV Maker Dubai is a trusted and reliable CV making service in Dubai, which can help you create a CV whether you want to switch your careers or start an internship.

Which CV Maker in Dubai is the best?

The best CV maker is the one who understands your requirements and provides personalized support to you at affordable prices. This is why CV Maker Dubai provides a competent CV writing service that won't require you to break your arm and leg. We take time to understand what our customers want and prioritize customer satisfaction.

Can I pay someone to build my CV?

Even the most experienced individuals in top-notch fields take support from CV makers to build their CV. After all, CV making is a skill in itself. Accordingly, there's no harm in taking online support for CV building.

Should I use CVMakerDubai.ae?

At CV Maker Dubai, we amplify the professional career of our clients by building a proficient CV for them. Our professionally crafted CV can incite the hiring managers and motivate them to set an interview with you. Our CV makers have already helped hundreds of employees across the UAE, making them the most competent experts in the field.